It’s very seldom that an idea is so good, that it can take over your mind and prevent you from getting decent sleep.

I haven’t been able to get a decent night’s rest, Tossing and turning on my bed, while I don’t wake up in sweating thru the bed. …

What is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is the fear that where you are right now in your career is not enough, and as you present yourself as an expert, because of your knowledge that you don’t know everything, you’re afraid of being ‘found out’.

Someone further than you will tell everyone of how inept…

Podcasts are the best way to learn, be informed and absorb information.

I love podcasts.

The Discovery

I still remember the first time I discovered podcasts, It was a tech show by Leo Laporte. TWiT. Their shows took about 2 hours of tech discussion. Everything changed when Dan Benjamin launched his 5by5…

A few thoughts on finding your voice, being unique and just trying things.

  1. All the things have already been said. So you can be relieved to know that There is power in repetition. It takes 7 times to drive your message home. So repetition is a good thing

2. It’s ok to be wrong. (You can edit your work later.)

3. You will…

I recently joined Seth Godin’s The Marketing Seminar. The premise is simple, each week, you are given a homework. a quesiton or sometimes a set of questions that you answer, it’s not a typiical questionnaire that you can answer in 1 sitting.

The questions are designed to be mulled over…

There is value in your words. Your thoughts and your experiences are what makes you unique.

And its because of this thinking that I am announcing that I am officially joining the world of creators and my journey as a consumer of content ends.

I want my voice to be heard. I want to pitch in my ideas, because there’s no worst feeling than having all these great ideas and thoughts and not being able to contribute.

The internet is a big place.

I’m not doing this for anyone else, I’m doing this for me.

I still don’t know what this whole thing will be all about, but I do hope you join me in figuring it out. This is going to be fun!

(╯°□°)╯︵ pɐɹpɐɹ

I'm so rad, that my parents named me twice.

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