Ship30for30: a community disguised as a writing course

Radrad (@radrad)
1 min readFeb 8, 2022

“Writing is easy. You only need to stare at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

Not all writing courses are created equal.

I’ve enrolled in a bunch of them, I’ve bought books on writing but none gave me results like Ship30for30.

Ship30for30 is a writing course that doesn’t teach you how to write.

It’s a course that enables you to think, to observe.

It’s a course that takes you from zero to 1.

It’s a a community disguised as a writing course

It’s a course by writers for non-writers.

It’s the only online course I took that didn’t feel like work, it was fun!

What surprised me is that the course delivers on its promise. It arms you with the tools to become a citizen of the internet.

I’m so glad to have been privileged to join this course.

I never saw myself as a writer, I’m more of a visual problem solver. but after going thru the cohort, I think I’m ready to call myself a Digital Writer.

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