Day 2: 3 Topics I Am Exploring In My Life Right Now

Radrad (@radrad)
1 min readJan 15, 2023

There are 3 topics I am actively thinking about a lot these days:

Topic #1: Lean Rebranding

I am interested in Lean Rebranding because I’m certain that there’s a better way to update your company’s branding without having it be too time consuming and still retaining what you currently have.

And my hope is that over the next 3 years, as I continue to learn more and more, I’ll be able to crea.

Topic #2: Soulful Design

I first got interested in Soulful design ever since Burger King relaunched their brand and since then, I have been eager to learn a lot about the importance of Practicing Empathy, Looking to the past for inspiration, and Retaining the humanity in design.

Topic #3: Design Stoicism

I also have an interest in learning more about Design Stoicism.

It’s one of those fun rabbit holes I find myself exploring simply because I enjoy it.

It would be great to connect with other people who are interested in these same topics — so if any of the above resonates, feel free to reach out!

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