The first mistake solopreneurs make when building their brand

Radrad (@radrad)
2 min readNov 8, 2022

97% of Solopreneurs jump ahead with hiring a logo designer to create their personal brand.

This is a huge mistake.

What they fail to see is that a logo is the last thing they need think about to be able to build brand.

Here are 4C’s so you can build your brand:


- What is the offer?

- How you’re going to deliver on it?

If you promise to help people lose weight, it’s not enough for to say “I’m going to help people lose weight.”

Explain how and deliver the promise.

Credibility — If you can’t be credible, no one is going to listen to you.

Earning credibility means that people can pay you for your services.

You can earn credibility in 2 ways:

• Certifications that you’ve recieved;

• Client testimonials

Consistency — Now we’re getting to the good stuff –elements of your personal branding which consist of:

• Logo

• Color scheme

• Fonts

This is called the Brand bible.

This bible is your compass to consistency and effective brand building

Charisma — How pleasant are you to work with?

What is the use of having credibility and being consistent if no one wants to work with you?

no charisma, means no customers, no customers means no business.

Charisma, is what makes them want to work with you.


So there you have it,

the 4C’s to building a great brand:

Contribution — your offer

Credibility — a verified skillset that guarantee results

Consistency — your brand bible

Charisma — your personality.

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