What is Lean Rebranding Framework?

Radrad (@radrad)
2 min readJan 11, 2023

As a Brand designer, brand revamps are an excellent way to showcase your design skills. Brand building helps get you on the ground with the business owner.

But after doing several of these projects, I would find that my clients would revert back to their old identities –because it was too costly to change everything else.

I don’t blame them.

Rebrands and logo revamps are costly.

And if the client isn’t keen on making the investment, then your time and effort would be wasted.

Enter the Lean Rebranding Framework

This is where lean rebranding comes in.

If a brand isn’t your logo, you can have any kind of logo but still maintain a good brand.

Unpopular opinion: you can have a terrible logo but still have a great brand

Pepsi Logo anyone?

The lean rebranding framework is a framework that I’ve developed that would enable old companies looking to reinvigorate their companies without changing their logos.

There are other elements that we can add, or take away that can still amplify a company’s branding.

Growing up in a third-world country, design was / is never considered to be an important part in business building.

Logos are an afterthought. The cake topper that no one wants, it’s a nice to have (but not willing to spend on)

Should these businesses (the ones that fail to see the value in design) suffer just because they want to focus on making money?

Lean rebranding takes an old MS-Word logo and doesn’t throw it out, but adds to it.

Here are a 5 things that you can do to reinvigorate an old brand:

  1. Color Scheme — A simple adjustment to your color scheme can bring much life into your brand
  2. Consistency — branding is consistency in messaging. If you keep using the same elements, the same color, you maintain brand equity.
  3. Connection — your brand is your reputation. Having that connection with your customers, shareholders and even your
  4. Communication — how you sound is just as important as how you look, while a great logo provides you with your first impression, how you sound, has more weight.
  5. Customers — if you don’t take care of your customers, then you don’t have a brand.

In the coming days, I’ll dive deep into what Lean Rebranding is and how it can help you revitalize your tired brand.

This doesn’t just apply to large (and seasoned) companies, but also to content creators who started their careers bootstrapped and are now looking to level it up –without deviating too much from their bootstrapping days.

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