The common assumption 97% of entrepreneurs make when ‘Building their Brand’

Radrad (@radrad)
2 min readNov 11, 2022


95% of business owners think they know what a brand is. (they don’t)

And all of them are wrong.

Just because you have a product, set up your LLC, hired a designer to design you a symbol voila you have a brand.

Nope, nope. nope

A brand is not:

The Logo — A logo is a very useful tool for business, but it’s not the brand. The brand is represented by a symbol that stands in for the brand.

The Product — People use the term ‘brand’ as if it referred to a specific product. But a brand is not a product; When people refer to buying ‘a pair of Nikes’ they’re referring to the shoes, Nike is not a product.

A Promise — A common misconception. But also no.

What is a brand then? if not all these things?

A brand is a result —

It’s a dialogue with the customer.

They’ll take whatever materials you throw at them, and they’ll make something out of it.

You’re not creating one brand — you’re creating millions of tiny brands, in your customers’ minds.

A brand is a reputation, And everyone’s impression of your brand is gonna be a little bit different.

And that’s okay.

As long as you have a handle on things and your every one is on the same page, your brand is going to be fine.

That’s what a brand is, it’s a composite reputation of every single thing that we throw at our customers.

it’s the story, it’s the promise, it’s the product, it’s the logo all mixed into this stew living inside the customers mind.

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