You don’t need a ‘personal brand’ and here’s why:

Radrad (@radrad)
2 min readFeb 6, 2022


I am shooting myself in the foot by saying:

No you don’t need to develop your “personal brand”

Big Companies want to be human

Brands want to be human, and people want to be brands.

Big companies spend billions in marketing just to appear approachable, relatable and ‘human’.

If you’re a solopreneur, you’re already way ahead of the game. You’re already relatable.

Polish is seen as inauthentic.

I grew up in a time every image, every poster, every collateral had to be ‘professionally made’.

Polished images are seen as fake, posed and inauthentic.

The iPhone and social media changed all of that.

Now the opposite is true. Brands try hard to make themselves posts look amateur, home-made and crude. –solopreneur is gaining traction.

Now we’re more drawn to things that have grit and dirt. We want it to look real, feel real. Why do you think reality shows are such a hit.

It’s because it feels more human.

So should you! Keep the flaws. Drop the polish.

What the audience need is attention

And as a solopreneur, that’s what you can give that huge corporations can’t.

You can directly talk with your audience because you are them!

Final thoughts

I’ve lost a few clients because I managed to talk them out of perusing my services and I see that as a win.

I would much rather see clients spend their money on things that will help them accelerate their business vs on something that they don’t really need.

And that’s my brand.

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Radrad (@radrad)