There’s at least $1,000 hidden inside Mac OS! And I’m here to show you how to find it!

  1. Founders Grotesk — Klim Type — Is like your Favorite Helvetica only more masculine. Works great for display faces and works wonders as a textface this one’s a real workhorse! Lucky for us, we get this for free, if I’m not mistaken this typeface retails for ~$400.
  2. Proxima Nova — Mark Simonson — This is what happens when Helvetica is reimagined to be more geometrical. ~$300
  3. Publico — Commercial Type — A serif typeface that’s perfect for your documents and reports, It’s a bit condensed so you know you can fit more per line than your Garamonds and Bodonis. retails for ~$300




I am a Graphic Designer

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Radrad (@radrad)

Radrad (@radrad)

I am a Graphic Designer

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