If you’re stuck in a design rut, You need a new font!

Radrad (@radrad)
2 min readJan 27, 2022


In my 20 years of graphic design, I’ve stolen my fair share of typefaces and font files.

I’m not proud of it, and now that I’m making a few shingles off my work, I am making amends, and supporting my brothers in the design industry.

Fonts are awesome! But what’s even more amazing is the people behind the typefaces I use.

Type designers make me look good.

Type designers are the unsung hero of the design world.

A great typefaces is the difference between good design to excellent work.

You scroll thru Instagram and then you stop. You stare at this amazing piece of work but can’t pin point what makes it tick. Typefaces provide the x-factor that most designers are search for.

Don’t you feel that there are some designs that you are most drawn to?

Fonts are a great starting off point

Fonts aren’t meant to be used as is!

They’re jumping off points to your design! It’s ok to redraw, mangle, distort those letterforms if you need to.

Fonts are pieces to your graphic design puzzle.

Good Fonts are not hard to Find

This is the best time to be a graphic designer!

This is the golden age of typedesign!

Technology finally caught up! A lot of experimentation, pushing the boundaries and questioning what we are used to seeing.

Digital Type is changing the way we treat type. and with that the creativity and output on graphic designers worldwide is exponentially better.

We make great designs because we’re backed by excellent type designers.

Here are some foundries that you should check out:

Shop around, take a look! Maybe buy a couple that you find interesting. And ofcourse don’t forget to share what you’ve bought!

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Radrad (@radrad)