How do you find story? 2 Questions you should ask yourself to uncover your business’ why.

The brand story is the ‘why’ of your company

  1. Why does your company exist? How did it come into fruition?
  2. Why should I choose you over X?

Example of well thought of brands stories:

  1. Apple : Founded by 2 rebels who wanted to create something lovely to look at while being functional (They’re an intersection of technology and liberal arts) — They’ve been beating this drum since their first creation the Lisa, all the way to the Apple Watch.
  2. Harley Davidson: Screw it, let’s ride.
  3. Their devil-may-care attitude tells the story of who their customers are. Even though Harley-Davidson motorcycles may suffer from a few oil leaks, their patrons are forgiving. because of their well-crafted brand story, they don’t need to spend much on marketing.




I am a Graphic Designer

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Radrad (@radrad)

Radrad (@radrad)

I am a Graphic Designer

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