Change the defaults: 3 Alternatives to classic typefaces that won’t take away from your message

  1. Helvetica ➔ Degular (Ohno Type) Degular is like Helvetica’s weirder and artsy younger brother. He’s so sure of himself and can be both relaxed but straight. without being stiff.
  2. Cooper Black ➔ Bogue by Mika Melvas of Melvastype is a great substitute it also has a lot of alternate glyphs
  3. Futura ➔ Brandon Grotesque by HVD — Brandon Grotesque is an excellent substitute to Futura’s hard edges. They appear softer yet still retain their authority, Brandon Grotesque is Futura’s more patient younger brother.




I am a Graphic Designer

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Radrad (@radrad)

Radrad (@radrad)

I am a Graphic Designer

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