1 Mindset that Creatives must embrace to produce better work.

As a creative I treat everything I make as my babies. –Art babies, they’re all beautiful.

• Artworks.

• Essays.

• Tweets.

• Emails.


This way of thinking doesn’t help when doing client work.

Every creation should be a solution to a problem.

I used to treat clients comments as personal attacks. –very unprofessional.

Things like:

“Why is my client so close minded?”

“My client just doesn’t understand my work, they’re stupid”

“They hired ME to solve their problem so they should listen to me”

Would enter my head and would rile me up and get me frustrated.

Your satisfaction and pride should end the moment you are able to produce what was in your head onto the screen or paper.

Once you presented your solution, you’ve shown yourself that you can pull it off. after that, the work doesn’t belong to you anymore.

If they want to mangle it, destroy it and rip it apart, they’re free to do so (this is why getting paid up front is important)

You’re here to help them arrive at a solution, Your first draft is just that, a draft, expect to go thru refinements.

Look at it from an objective standpoint.

Ask yourself:

If you didn’t come up with it, would you accept it?

Did it address the problem and is it an appropriate solution?

How can you make it better?

Step back, empathize with the client’s vision.

Distancing yourself from your work, is how you become a better creator and problem solver.

How do you handle client comments? Do you tell them off act like a brat or do you act like a professional and work with them?

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